Kirk Starkey is the cello sound featured on many major network television shows, international advertising campaigns, and countless Canadian album projects. His unique abilities as a creative soloist and Pro Tools editor make him a composer’s secret weapon when sample libraries fall short.

From his personal studio, Wolftone Music Lab, he delivers recordings of an exceptional historic instrument (Vogtland c.1775). Combined with a phenomenal analog recording path, he creates recordings with emotive power that are technically perfect and arrive on time.


“Kirk is a film composer’s dream. Send him a score or a midi file and within a few hours you get back a beautifully performed and recorded performance, inspiring to listen to and technically perfect for film deadlines. Thank you Kirk!

Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner, Composers for “Flashpoint” and “X Company”

“There a few very good string libraries out there such as LA Strings, Vienna,
Project Sam, but for cello, I have this crazy tool that rules for everything –
Kirk Starkey” 
Ian O’Brien Docker, Composer/Producer DamienDamien (Hamburg, Germany)

“I am utterly amazed by his service, the quality of his work on a tight budget,
the beautiful recording and his total refusal to be phased by anything I threw
at him. He was able to turn on a dime, redirecting different parts of the
arrangements according to our whims .. I have just received a beautifully
constructed Pro Tools session with everything lined up, labeled, sounding
GREAT, awesome tuning, emotional and sincere playing and with multiple
playlists of alternative takes and edits underneath the master!”
Emre Ramazanoglu (Mercury Prize nominated Producer, London UK)