Award-winning session cellist Kirk Starkey is the unique sound behind many major network television programs and advertising campaigns. A specialist in online collaboration, Kirk delivers exquisite and emotive recordings of a rare and historic cello (Vogtland c. 1775).

A creative soloist trained in the US and in Germany, Kirk’s ability to take direction and perform without a score set his work apart. He brings a wealth of non-classical experience that permits a collaborative process that is uniquely positive. Intensity, accuracy, and creativity are the attributes that make Kirk a composer’s secret weapon when next level emotion is required.

An experienced engineer with a beautifully equipped studio, he delivers technically perfect Pro Tools sessions that arrive on time and require no editing. His recent credits include Orphan Black (BBC America,) Flashpoint (CTV/NBC), X Company (CBC) and Anne With An e (CBC/Netflix).

What composers say:

“Kirk is a film composer’s dream. Send him a score or a midi file and within a few hours you get back a beautifully performed and recorded performance, inspiring and technically perfect for film deadlines. Thank you Kirk!

Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner, Composers for “Flashpoint” and “Anne with an e”

“There a few very good string libraries out there such as LA Strings, Vienna,
Project Sam, but for cello, I have this crazy tool that rules for everything –
Kirk Starkey” Ian O’Brien Docker, DamienDamien (Hamburg, Germany)